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Professional car care tips from the detailing professionals at Car Cleaners.

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Care and cleaning of your finish

1. Regular washing intervals should be based on the use and environment of the vehicle. Washing and cleaning removes bugs, bird droppings, pollution fallout and soil before they can adhere to your finish. Car Cleaners recommends hand-washing with a conditioned body shampoo. Sponge material is preferred over a wash mitt or cloth. Use soft water and/or R.O. water to rinse. Chamois or microfiber towels to dry are the best materials to prevent surface micro-scratches and achieve a smear-free finish.

2. Automatic wash facilities (including conveyor hand washes) are okay for your finish, but may cause surface micro-scratches and hazing. Washing is always preferred over not washing, even on dark temperamental colors. Do no use a brush of any kind.

3. Additional maintenance and minor polishing can be done by Car Cleaners on black paint if needed between annual services.

4. Dusting with a Kozak dust cloth is advisable if the finish is only dusty.

5. Body gloss spray application with a 30% polyamide microfiber towel is recommended and is very effective for quick clean-ups when washing is not needed to remove dust, bugs, fingerprints and streaks. It is also recommended to be the final step of a wash job to provide a streak-free finish. It is very safe for your finish and enhances your Acrylic or Teflon finish.

6. Hard water spots, bugs, road tar or bird droppings can eventually stick to or even etch into a sealant-treated finish if not removed in a timely manner.​

Helpful Tips from John

  • Use soft water and avoid direct sunlight when washing your vehicle.
  • Compressed air or an electric blower may aid in the removal of water from recesses and trim.
  • If using a chamois, a roller wringer will dramatically decrease streaks.
  • Do not use a brush of any kind on your paint.
  • Sponges and microfiber are preferred over terry towels and wash mitts.
  • Remove bird droppings and hard water spots as soon as possible, especially in hot weather. (Heat is a catalyst that will accelerate damage).

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