Car Cleaners is number one in customer satisfaction and unsurpassed in quality. We realize that you have detailing alternatives. When you entrust your vehicle to us, you can be assured that no one does it better. We are grateful for your confidence in us and welcome referrals to your friends and family.

There really is a difference in detailing. My car no longer has swirls and marks on it. I’m the envy of the neighborhood. You’ve made a believer out of me!

Jim C., Scottsdale, AZ

Over the years, we have had cars, trucks, boats and even jet skis detailed by Car Cleaners. You have never let us down when deciding which services are needed to protect our vehicle investment. Thanks guys, no one can do the job the way you do!

John B., Mesa, AZ

As winter visitors, we have had you detail our car numerous times. Quality, satisfaction, dedication to doing the job right and excellent value – what more can anyone ask? PS. When we get back home, our friends can’t believe how good our car looks!

Fred P., Kalamazoo, MI

Quality service and proficiency are paramount in business today. I know I can count on consistent professional handling and superb results for my car from Car Cleaners.

Daryl V., Tempe, AZ

We’ve had all three of our vehicles detailed by Car Cleaners; ’05 Tacoma, ’05 Corolla, ’00 Yukon. They look brand new! Car Cleaners did a spectacular job on each of them. They go the extra mile to provide a showroom finish. Thank you John and Teri for your excellent service.

Roger & Connie K., Chandler, AZ

I’ve done business with the Car Cleaners for nearly 20 years. My extended family has as well. These guys are the best! A quality experience at a fair price. They give you more than you would expect. Particular service for particular people!

Todd T., Mesa, AZ

If you want your car detailed and you are interested in the closest thing to perfection, have it detailed here. I have had John, Teri and company detail six different cars over the last 10 years or so (Porsche, BMW, Lexus). They do extraordinary work. Flawless work. They are good people – honest, fair and forthright. They are pure quality! Best wishes. Steve Hardison 480-593-4646. [email protected] www.theultimatecoach.net

Steve H., Mesa, AZ

I have had several of my vehicles detailed over at Car Cleaners and every time I come to pick up my car I am absolutely blown away by how good of a job they do. The attention to detail is amazing and they never miss a thing. John and Teri at Car Cleaners are great people to do business with and they really know what they are doing. Thank you Car Cleaners for your excellent service.

Joey C., Scottsdale, AZ

If every business in the U.S. were run like this one, this country would be in far better shape. The excellent service the customer receives is second to none. Do your car and yourself a favor and try it. The experience is worth every penny!

Hugh L., Gilbert, AZ

I’ve had many cars detailed here over the past 15 years and the work has always been superb and reasonably priced. Nice folks who do great work!

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“I can’t remember the first time I had Car Cleaners work on one of my vehicles, but I know it’s been about 10-15 years ago. Ever since that first experience, I knew I had found a special group of people that cared about my vehicle as much as I did. Car Cleaners is the best at knowing what is right for my vehicle, but more importantly, they treat me like I was their only customer. I know that John has lots of customers, wealthy collectors that trust him with their investments. Even though I don’t fit into that category, John and his staff treat me no different. They realize that my vehicles are just as important to me. I also trust John with my investment, and will do so as long as he is in business.

Rick A., Mesa, AZ

I have been taking my vehicles to Car Cleaners since 2004. The thing that sold me and kept me was the people and their dedication to quality. I have nice cars that I want to take care of and they treat me and my cars as if I were family and the cars belonged to them. Having a car cleaned by Car Cleaners is very different than having a washed car. No water spots, smeared windows and wheels that look new again, every time! Thank you.

Tom B., Mesa, AZ

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