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Car Cleaners Detailing

We’ll Share a Secret With You

One of the secrets to Car Cleaners’ success in the detail industry is our paint restoration system. The first step to any car’s beautification and protection is paint restoration. It stands to reason, if a vehicle’s paint is not properly prepared, it won’t make a bit of difference which finish protection you apply. The paint won’t have proper depth and clarity and the finish durability will be seriously affected.

Exterior Finishes

Step two is to choose the proper finish protection. This step is highly dependent on several criteria, such as budget, how long you plan to keep the vehicle, the age and condition of the vehicle, etc.

Vehicle Size​ Acrylic Teflon Ceramic Maintenance
Most Cars $229 $409 $789 $149
Most Standard Cab Trucks $249 $419 $829 $159
Ext. Cabs & Small SUVs $259 $429 $849 $169
Regular SUVs & Crew Cabs $279 $439 $869 $179
Large SUVs & Mini Vans ​$299 $459 $899 $199

Paint Restoration

This process is designed to remove or improve existing paint imperfections such as oxidation, surface fallout, hazing marks, surface scratches, scuffs, hard water spots and paint transfers. This is a comprehensive procedure that will provide the best possible paint conditioning. Only when your paint is properly prepared will you realize the maximum potential of your vehicle’s paint finish. This step is priced according to vehicle size and condition.

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Interior Detailing

We have the ability to customize your interior service to the needs of your vehicle and your budget requirements. Our time-proven techniques correct interior problems that many shops consider untreatable. We offer four interior packages and many more services on an ala carte basis.

Vehicle Size​ Mini Basic Complete Mini & Leather
Standard Cab Trucks $39 $79 $159 $79
Cars, Ext. / Crew Cab, Dually $49 $99 $199 $109
Wagons & SUV’s $59 $109 $229 $129
Large SUV’s & Mini Vans $69 $119 $259 $149


  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Floor Mats Shampooed
  • Wiped Down Interior
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Carpet & Floors Shampooed
  • Shampoo Fabric & Upholstery
  • Vinyl & Leather Conditioning




Wash Packages​​

​Not to be confused with washes you have received elsewhere! The Exterior Hand Wash package is included with every Finish package.

Vehicle Size​ Hand Wash Exterior Wash
Cars & Std. Cab Trucks Starting at $49 Starting at $39
Ext. Cab & Crew Cab Trucks Starting at $59 Starting at $49
Mini Vans, Duallys, SUV’s Starting at $69 Starting at $59
Hand Wash

We completely hand wash your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. No mechanical equipment will touch your vehicle. All exterior trim moldings, mirrors, spoilers, flares, luggage racks, etc. are hand blow-dried to eliminate trapped moisture. Door jambs (excluding hinge area) are cleaned and wiped.

Tires and trim look good as new after they are cleaned and treated. All windows and mirrors are cleaned inside and out using our special glass cleaning system, leaving your glass super clean and streak free. All cup holders are cleaned and ash trays are emptied. Top of dash and steering column are dusted to remove dust, etc. Carpeted and rubber mats are express cleaned. All carpets and seats are thoroughly vacuumed. The trunk will be vacuumed as well. Your vehicle will go through a comprehensive final inspection before it is returned to you.​

Exterior Hand Wash

This package includes all the exterior items from the Hand Wash package, but no interior work is performed.​

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