At Car Cleaners Detailing, Perfection is Our Goal

Exterior Detailing

Car Cleaners’ Ceramic, Teflon and Acrylic Paint Sealants protect your vehicle’s paint from the harsh elements of the Arizona sun and environment.

Interior Detailing

Our auto interior detailing specialists have the knowledge and ability to properly clean all types of interiors, instead of just covering the soil with a shiny, greasy finish coating.

Paint Restoration

Our innovative paint restoration perfection process removes oxidation, hazing, hard water & etching for stunning, durable paint surface conditioning results.

Paintless Dent Removal

Save time and money with our innovative Paintless Dent Removal process and remove those ugly dimples and dings from your vehicle’s surface permanently.

Resale Package

When you detail for resale, you’ll sell your vehicle for more money in less time. Exterior Resale Package is a high-value, cost-effective finish.

Engine Detailing

Maintain your engine with a professional engine rinse, top engine compartment degreasing, undercarriage work, or a full engine degreasing.

Paint Touchup

Our auto paint touchup method allows us to disguise those ugly stone chips, dings and most scratches on your vehicleʼs exterior finish.

Headlight Polishing

Neglected headlights get hazy and develop fine cracks, causing a yellow or milky appearance. Increase your visibility with headlight polishing.

Ozone Treatment

Remove problem odors such as pet urine, cigar and cigarette smoke, mold, mildew and other chemical odors from your vehicle with ozone odor control treatment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you entrust your vehicle to us, you are assured that no one does it better. Each vehicle is treated as if it is our very own. With over 40 years in the same location, you can always expect a superior result when you rely on our detailing expertise.

What is Detailing?

Detailing is the art of transforming the inside and outside of your vehicle into its most perfect condition. Your vehicle’s finish should be squeaky clean, bright and shiny. There should not be swirls or buffer marks in the paint. The interior and engine compartment should be in a state of perfection.

Detailing beautifies your vehicle. Equally important – it protects your vehicle from environmental and most other damaging conditions which may permanently harm its surfaces.

Why Detail your Vehicle

A properly detailed vehicle will turn peoples’ heads wherever it goes. Many owners never see the best their car or truck can look, even if they purchase it new. Are you surprised? It’s true. Most car dealers don’t detail a vehicle before it is delivered to the customer, as both cost and time are prohibitive. Many of our regular customers tell us Car Cleaners is their first stop after picking up a new vehicle. They have learned that if you start your vehicle out right and protect the paint, it will be easier to keep clean. It will look its very best and the paint will be protected.

From Classic to New

You might be thinking, ‘That’s fine if a person has a new car, but what if I have an older car whose finish and interior are beginning to deteriorate?’ All the more reason to visit us! People come to us from the entire metro valley and beyond. How do they know? Simple. They’ve seen their friend’s, neighbor’s or co-worker’s vehicle after we’ve detailed it. Or they’ve asked around and someone has recommended us to them.




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